Baby BTX

Baby BTX

Prevention of first wrinkles

Baby BTX is considered as anti-aging wonder weapon  to gently and naturally reduce wrinkles, or preventively prevent them from forming in the first place.


During the Baby BTX treatment the independent doctor analyzes the face in detail and sees which wrinkles could be permanently strengthened by facial expressions and thus lead to deeper wrinkles.


For prevention these areas on the face are treated with the help of Baby BTX (botulinum), which causes relaxation of the muscles. This smoothes out those wrinkles that have appeared on the face as a result of facial expressions. 


Baby BTX is considered a miracle cure for prevention and discreetly conceals the first wrinkles on the face. A certain amount of residual facial expression remains to create a natural effect.


The self-employed doctors at HY STUDIO will advise you in detail and adjust the dosage of Baby BTX individually to you and your wishes. The treatment is quick and painless.


A botulinum treatment usually lasts 15 minutes.


With botulinum after 2 to 10 , more rarely 14 days .


With a treatment with botulinum 3 to 6 months.


Lighter sports such as jogging or yoga allowed the following day , no strenuous sports for 48 hours.


Treatment day : No makeup.
1 week : No strong UV radiation. No spa, hammam, jacuzzi, swimming pool. No (facial) massages, peelings, facials.
2 weeks : Apply sunscreen with SPF 50 daily.

Expression lines

Your combination of:

Crow’s Feet, Forehead Furrows and Frown Lines

Simply book a treatment and tell the doctor any additional zones you want.

Consultation at HY STUDIO

The best thing to do is come to one of the studios for a consultation and see together with the self-employed doctor which treatment is best for you.

Just call us at 030 / 9212 4822 or make an appointment directly online!


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*The prices quoted are calculated according to the individual wishes of the patient and the respective circumstances in each individual case on the basis of the GOÄ, whereby we agree on a fee amount that deviates from the GOÄ with the patient. The services mentioned do not belong to the catalog of services of the statutory health insurance companies and/or health insurance companies and are therefore regularly to be paid for at the patient’s own expense.

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