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Striking, more even, fresher: Contour treatments for your face

An expressive, youthful looking face and harmoniously formed facial features are ideals of beauty for many people. But not everyone is born with a prominent jawline, defined cheeks or full lips. In addition, our skin loses volume over the years and facial features change as a result. Flatter cheeks, sagging mouths, less volume in the lips, wrinkles—these are all common phenomena that become more prominent over time.

But don’t worry , because there is a way to give your skin back more volume and a more harmonious shape : with one of the contouring treatments in the HY STUDIO !

Contouring – the advantages at a glance

Contouring treatments are the HY lights in the HY STUDIO ! They are all the rage right now and have many other advantages:

They make your face look younger again naturally
In addition, your face looks more defined and has clear contours
Certain areas of your face can be shaped and tightened more harmoniously – without surgery.

Another interesting fact about face contouring: it’s just as popular with women as it is with men !

Which active ingredients are used in contouring treatments?

Our independent doctors use a combination of different fillers or threads for contouring, which have different properties, effects and durability depending on the area of the face that is to be contoured. Many of the active ingredients used not only give the skin more volume, elasticity and contour , but also stimulate the formation of collagen and fat cells .

What areas of the face can be contoured?

Contouring treatments are suitable for different areas of the face : be it to give your jawline a more distinctive expression or to shape your nose a little more harmoniously. The independent doctors at HY STUDIO carry out the following contouring treatments:

Facial slimming in the masticatory muscle area
Thread lift on the face or neck
Jawline fixes
chin correction
Lip injection and shaping
cheek structure

You can see that our independent doctors can contour many zones of your face. They will be happy to advise you in advance on the contouring options and how you can get the best possible result.

After-Care: What you should consider after contouring

Great news: After a contouring you are generally socially acceptable again immediately and you will immediately see visible changes in your face . In addition, the treatment is almost painless in most cases.

Minor redness, swelling and bruising may occur after the treatment. These are usually hardly visible and often disappear after a few hours or days . In order to avoid inflammation or infection, you should touch the puncture sites as little as possible after the treatment and protect them from the sun as much as possible.

Our independent doctors will talk to you in detail about the possible side effects and what you should consider after treatment in a consultation .

Contouring HYlights in the

Are you wondering how the individual contouring treatments work ? We have summarized all the information here for you!

Facial slimming
Facial slimming – also called masseter treatment – is a treatment with botulinum in the area of the masticatory muscle. With this treatment, your lower face shape can be narrowed and shaped more into a V-shape! And there is another benefit: It also helps with nighttime teeth grinding (bruxism).

Thread Lift
A thread lift with polylactic acid or polydioxanone threads is the absolute miracle weapon against sagging facial skin. You can tighten the eyebrows (foxy eyes), cheeks, jawline or neck. In contrast to wrinkle injections, a thread lift lasts much longer: up to 1 year!

Jawline Enhancement
A distinctive, even jawline is a real eye-catcher – a treatment with hyaluronic acid will make your jaw area look firmer, more even and more distinctive!

Chin Correction
A chin build-up by injection gives your face a more defined look! Hyaluronic acid is used for this, which not only gives your skin more elasticity and volume, but also more moisture. Yeah!

Lip Lines
Well-formed, full and beautifully curved lips let the face shine seductively. Lip injections with filler can make your lips appear fuller and give them a more harmonious shape.

Nose Correction
An even-looking nose is a beauty ideal for many people. By injecting hyaluronic acid, it is possible to make small corrections to the shape of your nose and make it look more harmonious.

Cheek Enhancement
Full and even cheeks are a sign of beauty and youth. Over time, however, the tightening fat pads on the face lose more and more volume. A cheek build -up with hyaluronic acid gives your face fullness, elasticity and smoothness again.

That's it!

With this information you are well informed about the trendy contouring treatments in the HY STUDIO . Would you also like to give your face a more defined, harmonious and refreshed look ? Great! Then contact us by email or phone or book a consultation appointment in one of our exclusive studios online .


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