More Treatments

More Treatments

Thread Lift

Smooth and firm facial skin, hardly any wrinkles, a fresh appearance – many people would like to see themselves that way when they look in the mirror! But over time, the facial skin loses its elasticity and smoothness. The once so tight fat pads on the face reduce in volume. The result: the skin sags, the cheeks sag and wrinkles form.


Cryolipolysis is a fat treatment with targeted cold. Fat cells are frozen with a special medical device. Due to their high fat content, they are more sensitive to cold than most other cells in your body, such as skin, muscle or nerve cells.

Vampire Lift

Vampire lifting is so called because it is a form of autohemotherapy. Because for this rejuvenating and regenerating treatment of the skin, the active ingredient is extracted from your own blood. Above all, this means the use of endogenous substances, i.e. pure nature and usually fast, good tolerance.

Consultation at HY STUDIO

The best thing to do is come to one of the studios for a non-binding consultation and see together with the independent doctor which treatment is best for you.

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