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Wrinkle treatments: Which active ingredient is used when?

All about botulinum, fillers and threads

Have you always wondered which active ingredient is used for which wrinkles? Then you’ve hit the bull’s eye with this guide ! Here you can find out everything about the differences between mimic and static wrinkles, which active ingredients are used for which wrinkles and what other advantages wrinkle treatments can have (besides the slight smoothing of the wrinkles).


Our beauty experts have compiled all the information for you with the greatest care. Thanks to the guide, you know exactly why botulinum is used for some wrinkles, hyaluronic acid for others and some threads – let’s go!

The type of wrinkles determines the active ingredient

Before their first wrinkle treatment , many of us read up on the active ingredients used and used this information to decide whether we would like to be treated with botulinum, hyaluronic acid or threads. But that’s not how it works : The active ingredient or method used to treat the wrinkles depends on the type and location of the wrinkles. First of all, a distinction is made as to whether the wrinkles are mimic or static wrinkles .

Forehead Furrows: botulinum

Frown Lines: Botulinum

Browlift: Botulinum

Crow's Feet: botulinum

Undereye Circles: hyaluron

Cheeks: hyaluron

Nose: Hyaluronic

Nasolabial: Hyaluronic

Lips: hyaluron

Treat expression lines with botulinum

Facial wrinkles are caused by the natural and active movement of facial muscles. When we talk to our fellow human beings, expression lines underline our character – they are, so to speak, our individual calling card.


However, if the skin is stressed in the same places over the years, furrows often develop. Such furrows or wrinkles are typical in the area of the forehead or around the eyes .

Botulinum can be used particularly well here. The active ingredient blocks messenger substances that control the muscle directly in order to trigger a movement. If the messenger substances are blocked, the active movement of the muscle is reduced and thus the formation of wrinkles . And since the treated area is no longer so actively involved in facial expressions for a certain period of time, the skin has enough time to regenerate so that wrinkles can be reduced or even disappear !


Depending on the dose, the potency of the botulinum can be varied in order to achieve the most individual result possible for each person. would you have known : Regardless of wrinkle treatment, botulinum can also be used to treat excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis treatment).

Your helper with static wrinkles: hyaluronic acid!

In addition to mimic wrinkles, there are also static wrinkles . These usually occur because the connective tissue slackens and are more likely to form in the area of the nose (as a nasolabial fold) or around the mouth.


In order to treat static wrinkles, the independent doctors in the HY STUDIO usually use fillers such as hyaluronic acid to compensate for the loss of connective tissue. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in our connective tissue and is characterized by its ability to bind relatively large amounts of water . This can be used to even out small creases that have arisen, for example, from sun damage.

Depending on the type and depth of the wrinkles , hyaluronic acids with different lifting capacities and the ability to integrate into the existing tissue are used. In this way, the independent doctors can ensure that the face retains a natural appearance and that facial expressions are not restricted . By combining a wide variety of products, it is also possible to contour the face (e.g. cheeks, chin, jawline or nose) and to fill in deeper static wrinkles (e.g. nasolabial or marionette lines).


All fillers used by the independent doctors at HY STUDIO are completely biodegradable ; Therefore – as with botulinum – the treatment should be repeated after a certain time.

Threads can help with stronger wrinkles

Many do not know it: Another method to reduce more pronounced wrinkles is the thread lift . Here, very fine surgical threads are placed under the skin without an operation , which will disintegrate on their own over the coming months. With a thread lift, the natural contours of the face can be restored – without a scalpel.


Since not every method can be used in every facial region and with every patient, it is always advisable to have a consultation before actually booking an appointment. This way you can – together with our independent doctors – get the best possible result.

What you should remember:

Every minimally invasive treatment is a piece of the skin care and anti-aging jigsaw puzzle. In addition to the treatments at HY STUDIO , good skin care (i.e. high-quality creams!) and the use of sunscreen with a sun protection factor (also in winter) will help you to keep your skin fresher and more elastic. Would you like to know which wrinkle treatment is right for you? Then contact us at any time by e- mail or telephone or book a consultation appointment online.


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