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In your Face – Individual Wrinkle Treatments

We all know them – those little lines that appear on our face when we laugh, grimace or squint our eyes. Wrinkles are completely normal and give our face an individual expression!

However, it is often the case that the wrinkles become more and more prominent over the years and can also be seen when we are not making a face or laughing.

The reason: over time, our skin loses its elasticity and moisture, thus partially sagging and looking a bit more “wrinkled”. As a result, we appear older, tired or even sad and grumpy. Not a nice effect!

Luckily, there are different ways to reduce facial wrinkles depending on their type and depth.

In our studio, our independent doctors offer a variety of treatments where they can make your facial skin look a little tighter and younger again by injecting it with hyaluronic acid or muscle relaxantall without surgery!


A treatment usually lasts 20-45 minutes


First effect with hyaluronic acid immediately. For muscle relaxants, after 2 – 14 days.


3 months to a year
(depending on method)

Wrinkle Treatment

Lighter sports such as jogging or yoga: the following day.


Hyaluron, or hyaluronic acid, is a naturally occurring component of your connective tissue and has the property of being able to bind water. Why is this so important for your skin? It is better supplied with moisture and looks smoother and fresher!

Unfortunately, the proportion of hyaluronic acid in the body decreases over the years and the skin loses its elasticity. In order to counteract this development, hyaluronic acid can be supplied to the affected tissue again. For this, our independent doctor injects the active ingredient with a very fine needle under the skin or the corresponding parts of the tissue, where the hyaluronic acid stimulates, among other things, the production of collagen.

The result: the skin regains some of its volume and tone! In addition, despite the natural breakdown of hyaluronic acid, there is always some residual volume in the treated area due to the slight formation of collagen already mentioned. This effect can even be increased with repeated treatments at intervals of 6 to 12 months!

Muscle relaxant

Muscle relaxant is a drug used in medicine for about 30 years. In aesthetic medicine, the muscle-relaxing agent is used to reduce wrinkles and prevent existing expression lines from deepening further. And don’ t worry: during the injection, our independent doctors make sure that the muscle relaxant is precisely dosed and placed. Your natural, personal facial expression will not be changed in an unnatural way!

The effect of the muscle relaxant sets in after 2 to 14 days and lasts between 3 months and half a year. During this time, the product is gradually broken down by the body and the muscles slowly resume their activity.

Step-by-step to fewer wrinkles

01 / step

Before the treatment, our independent doctors analyze your facial region and advise you extensively on the active ingredients, possible applications and the course of treatment.

02 / step

Our independent doctors inject the active ingredient with a fine needle into the areas to be treated. With hyaluronic acid, you see an effect immediately; the full effect unfolds in the first subsequent weeks. With muscle relaxants, the effect occurs after about 2 to 14 days.

03 / step

After the wrinkle treatment, the independent doctor cools the treated areas if necessary. Afterwards, you can use our luxurious cosmetic products and cover any minor redness after consulting a doctor – and immediately start your everyday life again!

Consultation at HY STUDIO

If you have any further questions, give us a call, or write us an email. Due to the high demand, we can currently only attend to customers with appointments.

Just give us a call on 030 / 9212 4822 or book your appointment directly online!


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*The prices quoted are based on the individual wishes of the patient and the respective circumstances in each individual case based on the GOÄ, whereby we agree on a fee amount with the patient that deviates from the GOÄ. The services mentioned do not belong to the range of services provided by statutory health insurance funds and/or health insurance companies and are, therefore, to be paid regularly at the patient’s own expense.

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