After Sun Guide

The most important aftercare tips for the summer

The warm summer days tempt us, above all, to extensive sunbathing.

We are therefore often asked by you whether the day cream with sun protection factor (SPF) is sufficient for longer stays in the sun. In general, we recommend proper sun care to protect against UV-A and UV-B radiation. A Liverpool research group found out that cosmetic products with a sun protection factor are applied much thinner than conventional sunscreen. That sounds plausible: Who would want to smear two finger lengths full of make-up on their face?

Furthermore, most cosmetics with SPF do not offer UV-A protection . However, it is precisely this radiation that is known for its accelerating effects on skin aging. In addition, most of us avoid areas of the face when applying care or sun protection. The eyes and bridge of the nose are particularly affected. So, in addition to applying sunscreen, you should also wear sunglasses .

Tips for proper skin care

But what is the best way to apply a sunscreen? The answer is in our video tip : “ UV Camera Reveals The Best Way to Apply Sunscreen to Your Face ” by Gizmodo.

We have summarized this – together with many other tips for the right skin care after the summer – in a guide . As a subscriber to our newsletter, you will receive the exclusive HY STUDIO after-sun guide for free ! Simply register now and we will send you our guide. 🙂

Vampires to the Rescue

Everyone is talking about the “ vampire lift ”, also called “ PRP therapy ”. The vampire lift is a form of autohemotherapy that can be used to improve the complexion again. PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. Platelets is another term for thrombocytes, i.e. the blood components that are also responsible for blood clotting, among other things. The platelets are first obtained by taking a small amount of blood and then centrifuging them and then manually injecting them. The independent doctors in the HY STUDIO primarily use the concentrate in the

neck area and
in the cleavage area.

Platelets release a wide variety of substances that support repair processes in the tissue and can thus promote the collagen structure and blood circulation in the skin. Autohemotherapy can thus improve the skin structure and usually help to reduce the first wrinkles .

The vampire lift at HY STUDIO usually lasts just under an hour . You will find out everything you need to know about aftercare and possible undesirable effects in a detailed consultation with our independent doctor.

Skin booster for more moisture and resilience

Our skin has many great properties: the elastic fibers not only give it structure, they also act like a structure for maintaining the water depot and supply the skin with constant moisture .

Over time, however, the skin loses its elasticity and wrinkles appear . That’s why most of us use anti- wrinkle creams .

Although various cosmetics companies promise us wrinkle-free skin with products containing hyaluronic acid , these usually do not stand up to closer scrutiny – the hyaluronic acid contained in creams can not usually penetrate all layers of the skin due to its molecular properties.

Our independent doctors therefore use so-called skin boosters . This very fine hyaluronic acid is injected under the skin and returns moisture to it. Here we rely on the skin quality- improving properties of hyaluronic acid and not on a filler effect.

Let it glow!

When there is increased exposure to the sun, the skin reacts in various ways with a protective mechanism : the skin surface typically not only turns darker, but sometimes also thickens . In part, this also results in the tendency to form wrinkles and pigment spots .

In order to intervene at this point, we offer you in the HY STUDIO a gentle and effective way to treat your skin with a glow peeling . chemical peels

descale the skin and make it more receptive to active ingredients,
stimulate collagen production ,
make the skin look refreshed
usually reduce small wrinkles and
usually make the complexion appear more even .

Our scrub contains glycolic, lactic and salicylic acids . You probably know salicylic acid from aspirin, which, in addition to its pain-relieving effect, also fights inflammation . Therefore , our glow peeling is also suitable for impure skin . The lactic acid it contains is also a natural component of our protective acid mantle , regulates the pH value of our skin and has an antimicrobial effect. It is recognized by the body as natural and therefore causes less skin irritation than conventional, more aggressive peelings. Glycolic or fruit acid gently removes calluses from the top layer of skin, opens the pores and removes impurities .

You can find out everything you need to know about glow peeling in a consultation with our beauticians in our studio. It is important that you apply sun protection after the treatment – preferably with SPF 50 .

Daily support for the skin

The upper cell layers of our skin are particularly susceptible to the influence of processes that damage blood circulation and blood vessels. These include, for example, nicotine, alcohol, certain medications and drugs. Your skin quality is therefore very much dependent on your lifestyle . In order to do something good for your skin – and your health in general – you should incorporate exercise into your everyday life, eat a balanced diet and avoid toxins such as nicotine, alcohol, certain medications and drugs. This promotes blood circulation in the skin and thus significantly supports your appearance .


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