Skin Redness & Vasodilation

Skin Redness & Vasodilation

Treat skin redness and vasodilation

An uneven complexion – especially in the case of stress, heat or mechanical stimuli – can be caused by individual dilated vessels in the face. In some cases, various causes even lead to extensive redness , such as in rosacea or couperose. In the case of smaller red spots , individual enlargements of the vessels are often to blame, which can hardly be covered with makeup and can be annoying – these are called telangiectasias or congenital port-wine stains.

Luckily there is a way to reduce these skin symptoms : With a laser treatment in the HY STUDIO!


Depending on the findings, 1-3 treatments of 30 minutes each.


The full effect can be seen in 2 to 4 weeks and often increases with multiple sessions.


Very individual.


According to individual feelings. You should avoid strenuous exercise for 2 days , as sweat can burn your skin.


Konjac sponges for aftercare and high-quality skin care.

6 weeks : No increased UV radiation, solarium and self-tanner. Sun care with SPF 50.

Consultation at HY STUDIO

The best thing to do is come to one of the studios for a non-binding consultation and see together with the independent doctor which treatment is best for you.

Just call us on 030 / 9212 4822 or make an appointment online!


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*The prices quoted are calculated according to the individual wishes of the patient and the respective circumstances in each individual case on the basis of the GOÄ, whereby we agree on a fee amount that deviates from the GOÄ with the patient. The services mentioned do not belong to the catalog of services of the statutory health insurance companies and/or health insurance companies and are therefore regularly to be paid for at the patient’s own expense.

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