Say HY to a new chapter!

Say HY to a new chapter!

HY STUDIO – Your most beautiful self!

We all know them – those little lines and wrinkles that become more prominent over the years and are then visible even if we don’t contort our face or laugh.

The reason: our skin loses elasticity, volume and moisture over time. Fortunately, there are several ways to reduce wrinkles on the face.

In our studio, independent doctors offer a variety of treatments that can make your skin look firmer and youngerall without surgery!

HY STUDIO is dedicated to making you look as young and fresh as you feel. True to our motto “looking young never gets old”.

Treatments with muscle relaxant

Muscle relaxant can be used particularly well for mimic wrinkles. Muscle relaxant, as the name suggests, has a muscle relaxing effect. This smoothes wrinkles and makes you look fresher and more youthful.


Baby BTX

Bunny Lines

Crow’s Feet
Dimpled Chin

Forehead Furrows

Frown Lines
Gummy Smile
Masseter Treatment
Sweat Treatment

Filler Treatments

To treat static wrinkles, fillers made of hyaluronic acid are used. The result: the skin regains some of its volume and tone! Fillers are suitable for contouring the face or building new volume.


Cheek Enhancement

Chin Correction


Lip Enhancement
Lip Lines
Marionette Lines
Nasolabial Folds

Nose Correction

Russian Lips

Undereye Circles

Fat treatments

Do you have fat deposits that just won’t go away with exercise or a healthy diet? Some fat deposits, especially on the face, are usually congenital and cannot be removed.


We have the solution: by means of the fat way injection your problem areas can be melted easily and painlessly, ideal for example for a double chin.


In cryolipolysis, the desired fat cells on the body are iced by the effect of cold and thus brought to the reduction, without surgery! This treatment is particularly gentle for your skin.



Fat Loss Injection

Thread lifting treatments

Tired, sagging skin was yesterday! PDO threads can be used to plump up wrinkles and lines, restoring volume and youthful firmness to your skin.


Facial skin that has sagged with age due to degraded collagen can also be treated with traction threads (thread lifting) can be lifted and tightened again! You too can get a lift without surgery!


PDO threads

Thread Lift


The following areas can be covered:


– Eye region (eyebrows, lower eyelid)
– Mouth region (above & below the lip)
– Cheek region
– Neck region
– Neck & chin area
– Saggy cheeks & Marionette lines

Skin Redness & Vasodilation

Have you been wanting beautiful, even and youthful skin for a long time? The laser can be used to treat and improve various skin problems. Laser treatments are painless and the results last for a long time!

Since everyone is different and has a different skin condition , the independent doctors at HY STUDIO adapt to you and your skin individually.

HY STUDIO offers the following laser treatments:

Acne Scars & Scars
Wrinkles & Skin Rejuvenation
Skin redness & vasodilation
Pigment Spots & pigment disorders

More Treatments

We have a solution for dehydrated skin, very fine skin areas (undereyes, mouth area, neck) or even for the growth of your hair roots

The various treatments can smooth the skin, making it look refreshed, rested and younger, or strengthen and boost cell renewal.




Vampire Lift

Consultation at HY STUDIO

The best thing to do is come to one of the studios for a consultation and see together with the self-employed doctor which treatment is best for you.

Just call us at 030 / 9212 4822 or make an appointment directly online!


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