Here is a list of all the other treatments that our self-employed doctors offer at HY STUDIO:



Cryolipolysis is a fat treatment though directed cold streams. It can be applied to different areas of the body (torso/belly), as well as parts of the extremities (arms/legs) or chin. A cryolipolysis is

considered a gentle and smooth treatment that does not require local anaesthesia, and is generally painless.


Thread Lift

A thread lift can help reduce sunken cheeks and to lift slackened skin. As opposed to an injection with botulinum or hyaluronic acid, the effect of this treatment lasts longer and the threads dissolve during this time.


Vampire Lift

A vampire lift is a form of autohemotherapy. This means, that the active substance that increases the resilience and volume of your skin and improves your complexion is obtained from your own blood. The advantage: The treatment only requires substances that are produced naturally in the body!


You have a specific treatment in mind or do you want to know, which treatment is the right fit for you? Our self-employed doctors will analyze your face and advise you which treatment would work best for you in a counseling session here at the studio. Book your appointment now!

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You want to know more or have questions about the treatments offered by our self-employed doctors, the active substances used, or what you should bear in mind directly after a treatment?

Our FAQ has the answers to many questions – take a look at it right here!