Here is a list of all cosmetic treatments that our trained beauticians offer at HY STUDIO:


Glow Peeling

Dry, uneven, or unclean skin? A Glow Peeling can make your skin softer and more flexible while hydrating it at the same time. The peeling shows fast results, does not irritate the skin, opens up pores, and clears them.



During a microneedling session, our trained beautician treats your skin with extra thin needles. But don’t be afraid, the treatment is not painful. Your skin will not be strained by this procedure. Instead, it will look fresher, firmer, and younger. The time at which you can see first results differs from person to person; it can take about 2 days or up to one week.


You have a specific treatment in mind or do you want to know, which treatment is the right fit for you? Our self-employed doctors will analyze your face and advise you which treatment would work best for you in a counseling session here at the studio. Book your appointment now!

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You want to know more or have questions about the treatments offered by our self-employed doctors, the active substances used, or what you should bear in mind directly after a treatment?

Our FAQ has the answers to many questions – take a look at it right here!