LUNCH BREAK DEAL between 11am-2pm! ✦ LUNCH BREAK DEAL between 11am-2pm! ✦ LUNCH BREAK DEAL between 11am-2pm! ✦ LUNCH BREAK DEAL between 11am-2pm! ✦ LUNCH BREAK DEAL between 11am-2pm! ✦ LUNCH BREAK DEAL between 11am-2pm! ✦ LUNCH BREAK DEAL between 11am-2pm! ✦ LUNCH BREAK DEAL between 11am-2pm! ✦ LUNCH BREAK DEAL between 11am-2pm! ✦
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You want to do something good for yourself and your skin in your Lunch Break to switch off from the workday and look fresh and refreshed in the evening? Then let yourself be pampered by the independent doctors at HY STUDIO!

For the whole month of October, we have an extra class pampering program in the form of a great deal for you: the Lunch Break DEAL ✨.

You will receive a great 50€ discount* on your desired treatments MO-FR during the Lunch Break between 11am-2pm and throughout the whole month of October!

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*applies to the hyaluronic acid or similar medical products used. Valid until 31.10.2021. Cannot be combined. Not applicable to botulinum & laser treatments.



Please note: 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after a Covid-19 vaccination, no minimally invasive procedures will be performed at HY STUDIO by our self-employed doctors!

This is for your own protection and should be stated before any treatment please.



HY STUDIO is your destination in Berlin for minimally invasive beauty treatments, conducted by self-employed plastic and aesthetic surgeons.

Together with our self-employed doctors, we have made it our mission not only to excel in the medical field but also to be pioneers in educating and empowering our customers to take charge of their skin.

Even though anti-aging treatments have been popular for a long time, the topic of wrinkles seems to still be a taboo for many, despite the fact that everyone will sooner or later be confronted with them.

All the water, healthy dieting and sleep in the world will not prevent our skin from aging eventually. While this is entirely natural, most people feel as though they have to hide the fact that they take measures against rapidly aging skin.

This is where we come in. At HY STUDIO, our self-employed doctors treat anti-aging with the respect it deserves by using the very best products available, by ensuring an individual and thorough consultation and by transparently and confidently addressing concerns.





Knowledge is power – also when it comes to your skin. Do not hesitate to ask all your burning questions and get to know your skin a little better to find the right treatment for you.

Our studios are located in Berlin Mitte and Charlottenburg. Here, you will find us between elegant boutiques, culinary hotspots and the city’s most sought-after design stores. The concept of our studio is an open space that invites customers as well as pedestrians in to explore the world of health and beauty. This is not your average doctor’s practice, but a trendy, urban studio that offers everything your skin desires.

Our water bar offers a variety of freshly infused waters that further support the hydration of your skin. Decide between detoxifying cucumber water, an immune system-boosting lemon water, or any other taste you like. Enjoy this short moment of unwinding and allow your skin to feel rejuvenated from within.



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the Treatment rooms

Our treatment rooms are the heart of HY STUDIO. They are equipped with state-of-the-art tools and devices, that maximize positive results and a pleasant experience. Modern art decorates our walls and emphasizes the warm atmosphere.

A hectic lifestyle, anxiety before a treatment, and various other aspects might play into feeling a little uneasy. We do our best to ensure that you feel comfortable and in good hands, which is why every customer receives a personal consultation before any treatment. Lean back and allow our self-employed doctors to take care of you and your skin in the way it deserves. HY STUDIO will treat you right!




You want to know more or have questions about the treatments offered by our self-employed doctors, the active substances used, or what you should bear in mind directly after a treatment?

Our FAQ has the answers to many questions – take a look at it right here!