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You’re interested in a wrinkle treatment? Great! Here is a list of all the wrinkle treatments with filler and botulinum toxin that our self-employed doctors offer at HY STUDIO:


Brow Lift

Do you wish to have nicely shaped eyebrows? Sagging eyebrows can be slightly lifted through treatment with botulinum toxin, or – in rare cases – with hyaluronic acid.

Cheek Enhancement

Voluminous and even cheeks are a symbol of beauty and youth. With time, the firm paddings in our faces lose volume and the skin starts to sag. Cheek enhancement with hyaluronic acid can restore volume and eventually return some firmness, and smoothness to your face.

Chin Adjustment

A chin adjustment with hyaluronic acid gives your face a more prominent and confident look. Hyaluronic acid not only gives the skin region more volume and tone back but could also moisturize it.


Crow’s Feet

Crow’s feet can be reduced through a low-dose injection of botulinum. Do not worry. This treatment will not destroy your laughter lines because some lines are charming.

Forehead and Frown Lines

Wrinkles on our forehead and frown lines make our faces look older and angry. Fortunately, treatment with botulinum – or in rare cases with hyaluronic acid – can reduce these wrinkles.


A prominent, even jawline is a true HY-light of any face – through treatment with hyaluronic acid or threads, your jawline can look more toned, even, and absolutely stunning.


Lip Wrinkles

A treatment with hyaluronic acid, botulinum, or a combination of both can help to reduce lip wrinkles and make the area around your mouth appear more youthful. The result: A younger and fresher look!

Lip Enhancement

Well-shaped, plump, and luscious lips give your face a seductive look. Lip enhancement or a slight hydration with hyaluronic acid can make your lips fuller, and give them a more harmonious shape.

Marionette Lines

Your face appears dull and sad due to marionette lines? Don’t worry: A treatment with hyaluronic acid can make your face look firmer and refreshed. You could have a friendlier and younger look.

Nasolabial Folds

There is an active substance for all who wish for less wrinkles and a smoother area between one’s nasal wings and mouth corners: Fillers are a treatment with hyaluronic acid can make your face appear refreshed whilst maintaining a natural look.



A harmoniously figured nose is a beauty ideal for most people. Treatments with hyaluronic acid allow our self-employed doctors to make corrections to the shape of your nose if your nose is suitable for this treatment.

Eye Circles

Bye, bye eye circles! Those shadows under your eyes can sometimes be reduced through a treatment with hyaluronic acid. The result: a fresher and more relaxed look.


A skinbooster treatment is a true HY-light for your skin. Skinbooster made of hyaluronic acid moisturize your skin while restoring its resilience and smoothness. Your skin will look younger and have more of a glow. This effect lasts up to 18 months, especially if you repeat the treatment a month later for a first timer.


You have a specific wrinkle treatment in mind or do you want to know, which treatment is the right fit for you? Our self-employed doctors will analyze your face and advise you which treatment would work best for you in a counseling session here at the studio. Book your appointment now!

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You want to know more or have questions about the treatments offered by our self-employed doctors, the active substances used, or what you should bear in mind directly after a treatment?

Our FAQ has the answers to many questions – take a look at it right here!